Why Use a REALTOR®?

Selling a home? It pays to work with a REALTOR® and we at Slate Real Estate are here to provide our expertise at selling your home. Only a real estate professional who belongs to the National Association of REALTORS® may call himself or herself a REALTOR®. A REALTOR® is bound by a strict Code of … Read more

What’s My Home Worth?

In a neighborhood of similar homes, why is one worth more than another? That’s the question that’s teased buyers and sellers for ages, but the answer is simple. Every home is different. When a home is sold, a willing seller and a willing buyer have just announced to the world the value of that home. … Read more

Steps to a Positive Property Showing

You only get one opportunity to make a good impression, so you want to make it count. By following these guidelines, you’ll enhance the attractiveness of your property and reduce the time it takes to generate serious offers. First Impressions How your property appears from the outside is important. To make a good first impression … Read more